Next Cyber-Security Awareness Training Available

ITS’ systems send a reminder email for cyber-security training sessions. It will look like the message below:


Subject – Next Cyber-Security Awareness Training Available
Sender –
Date – Feb-7-2022

Hello {Your Name}, 

Your next cybersecurity awareness training video is now available! This 2-minute video reviews the dangers of scanning QR codes and how to protect yourself against them. You will have until March 6, 2022 to complete the training. To access the training, go to https :// training . knowbe4 . com (type into your browser, minus the spaces). As a reminder, your KnowBe4 account does not use your Mines’ ADIT credentials/password. You would have set this up directly with KnowBe4 when you created your online account.

All students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to take periodic cybersecurity awareness training to lower the risk of a cyberattack to Mines.

Did you know that most security breaches, including those involving ransomware, are caused by a user’s actions? A recent study of information security breaches that have occurred over the past 12 months indicates that 85% of all cyberattacks resulted from a user unknowingly letting the attacker in.

In a small phishing attack, a single user may lose their data, open themselves up to harassment and may also be impacted by a loss of the use of their Mines’ account or personal device for the time it takes to clean up the malware.

In a larger attack, a user may allow an attacker into the Mines network who can then take over the whole Mines IT environment – potentially shutting down all operations including classes for several weeks or even months. If you have any additional questions or issues logging into your account, please contact the Security Team at 

Do not be the person who lets an attacker into our network! Take your security awareness training when it is assigned and do your part to make Mines a great place to Learn, Work, Live, and do Research.   If you have questions or issues logging into your account, please contact the ITS Security Team at

Mines Cyber Security Team  
Information and Technology Solutions (ITS)  
1600 Jackson Street  

Please verify the authenticity of this official ITS notice by visiting “https :// its . mines . edu / verify”. Remember to always check messages purporting to be from ITS.