Please Read – Important Phishing Email Attack (Email Validation)

Monique Sendze (msendze @ mines . edu)  sent this targeted message out to the folks who received the initial scam email on 28 Dec 2020 at approximately 10:45 pm..



From: Monique Sendze

You are receiving this message because ITS identified you as a recipient of a phishing email. 

Earlier this evening we notified the Mines community of a phishing attack targeting several Mines faculty, employees, and students with a Dropbox Link purporting to be from Stacie Altman with the subject line of Salary Increase and reference to a PDF attachment. It is important to note that HR processes or requests related to salary, jobs, etc., will never come from an [external] sender and will always originate from an email address.  

As instructed earlier, please do not click on the link in this email. Immediately delete and purge it from your mailbox.  

If as a result of this phishing message, you clicked on the link in the message or provided Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like your password or SSN, please immediately take the following actions:  

  • Change your password ASAP
  • If you cannot change your password immediately, ITS will need to lock your account. Please email soc@mines.eduto alert us to lock your account.  
  • If you have not enrolled in DUO, our multi-factor authentication application, please do so as soon as you can as this is the best way to protect your credentials. You can learn more about MFA here: If you need assistance, contact the Mines Help Center.
  • Monitor your credit report and any other financial information to ensure that if fraudulent information appears, you identify it as soon as possible.

If you did not interact with the message by clicking on the link or providing personal information, we still strongly encourage you to change your password as soon as possible and enroll in DUO.  

We are continuing to monitor this event. If you receive any further suspicious messages, please follow the steps we recommend above and do not open the email or any attachments and immediately delete and purge the email by using the shift+delete keys on your keyboard. You can immediately report suspected phishing emails to: or to and our security operations center (SOC) staff will investigate. 

Thank you for your quick action to ensure the best outcomes for the Mines community and the security of your information.  

Best regards,