August Cyber-Security Awareness Training Available

ITS’ systems sent an email for available cyber-security training sessions. It looks like the message below:

The below message is valid from Aug 30, 2021 until your training has been completed.


Subject: August Cyber-Security Awareness Training Available
From: Colorado School of Mines <>
Date: 8/30/2021, 7:00 AM

Hello [your name],

You have been signed up for security awareness training by the Mines Cyber-Security team. This month’s training, Back to Work Security Refresher, is 5-minute long about being cyber-safe while coming back to the Mines campus. To access the training, please go to

All students, faculty, and staff are to take periodic cybersecurity awareness training to lower the risk of a cyberattack on Mines. For example, this email is real, and you can tell because: 
• If you hover over the link, it shows the correct URL mentioned 
• The sender’s email address is a real Mines email address 
• You can verify ITS legitimate emails at

Most security breaches including those caused by ransomware are caused by user actions.  A recent study of information security breaches over the past 12 months indicates that 85% of all cyberattacks depend on a user unknowingly letting the attacker in.  In a small phishing attack a single user may lose their data, open themselves to harassment, or lose the use of their Mines account or personal device for a time while malware is cleaned up. In a large attack, a user may allow an attacker into the Mines network who can then take over the whole Mines IT environment- potentially shutting down all operations including classes for several weeks or even months.   

Any additional questions or issues logging into your account, please contact the Security Team at 

Don’t be the person who lets an attacker into our network. Take your security awareness training when it is assigned and do your part to make Mines a great place to Learn, Work, Live, and do Research! 

Mines Cyber-Security Team 
Information and Technology Solutions (ITS) 
1600 Jackson Street