Changes to email forwarding rules (POP protocol)

This email went out on 26 Mar 2021.


Subject: Changes to e-mail forwarding rules [or Subject: Changes to Mines POP protocol]
From: Robert Hicks <>
Date: 3/26/21, 8:16 AM
To: Robert Hicks <>

Dear Colleague,

Last October, CIO Monique Sendze announced an impending e-mail policy change to better protect personal and institutional data to keep Mines information as secure as possible. Recently, on Friday, March 12th, a Communication Alert was sent to all Deans, Department Heads, and Department Directors, announcing that the new Mines E-mail Policy was approved by IT Executive Council (ITEC) which includes representation from each VP area. Input on this policy has been gathered since last July from ITEC, the Executive Vice President, Faculty Senate, and the Deans, Department Heads, and Department Directors. I have attached the policy to this e-mail for easy access for you to review the entirety of changes. At a high level, these changes include:

  • The POP protocol is disabled for all e-mail accounts.
  • Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) connections will be supported but must use OAUTH for authentication. “Password” or “Basic” authentication is not supported for user mailboxes using the IMAP protocol.
  • All mail clients must use Modern Authentication Methods in order to access E-mail.
  • All Mines business and communications must be conducted using your official Mines e-mail account to adhere to FERPA and e-discovery requirements.
  • Configurations for all e-mail messages to be automatically forwarded to a non-Mines e-mail accounts have been disabled.
  • Forwarding to another Mines address, or Mines maintained server, may be permitted on a limited basis depending on the circumstances and need of such forwarding.
  • Procedures for using, managing and terminating an e-mail account or privileges have been included.

Based on the policy components outlined above, on May 13th, 2021, ITS will be disabling inbox rules which forward or redirect messages to off-campus e-mail addresses on all mailboxes.  This change is to comply with Mines’ e-mail policy as documented at under the “2.0 POLICY STATEMENTS” section.

You are receiving this message because according to the e-mail system logs, you have used inbox rules to forward messages to one or more off-campus addresses.

In order to prepare for this change, please take time to remove any inbox forwarding or redirect rules before May 13th.

If you need assistance managing your inbox rules, please reach out by opening a Mines Help Center E-mail Request ticket at

Thank you,