Spam Filter Quarantine Accounts are Changing

The following message was sent to more than 2,000 Mines email account holders on 3 July 2018 and may be repeated thereafter. It explains upcoming changes in the way users can access their spam quarantine accounts in our Cardea spam filter system. The email message reads as follows:


You are receiving this message because your e-mail address has a Spam Filter Quarantine Account hosted on the Colorado School of Mines spam filters. A new firmware update will affect how logins are performed when you receive messages through the daily spam summary e-mail. The new firmware will be applied on Thursday, July 5th.

In the past you could simply click on a link to access the Spam Filter Quarantine Account. Once the new firmware has been applied you will need to provide a username and password in order to login to the Spam Filter Quarantine Account. This password is unique to the Spam Filters. If you do not know your Spam Filter Quarantine Account password it can be reset by doing the following.

Go to either site (remove the spaces in the URL)
h t t p s : / / janus . mines . edu
h t t p s: / / cardea . mines . edu

Enter the e-mail address in which this message was sent to as the username. Click on the “Create New Password” button. A new Spam Filter Quarantine Account password will be e-mailed to you. The subject will be “User Quarantine Account Information.”

The release notes for this particular “feature” reads:
• Feature: Active session tokens are now transmitted via cookies, rather than in a URL. This means that end-users will no longer be able to click on a link in the quarantine summary email to log directly into a quarantine inbox without the use of a password. [BNSF-26659]