MyMail to Exchange Migration

On 9 Aug 2021 ITS sent out the following message about the migration of MyMail accounts into Exchange.


Subject: Your Exchange mailbox has been created
Date: August 9, 2021

MyMail User:

Your Mines e-mail account has been created on the Exchange server and will be available for login after 4pm today. All e-mail sent to your address will be routed to the Exchange mailbox.

To access your Office 365 mailbox:

To access the mailbox, go to and use as the username and your ADIT password. If you are already signed into Office you’ll be taken directly to the mailbox. If you are not signed in, DUO authorization may be required.

Once you have signed in please enable forwarding on your MyMail mailbox. This will streamline the migration process and make it so you only have to check for messages in one mailbox. Google must verify that you own the address and that you authorized the forwarding. This is why you will need to configure forwarding and why ITS cannot do this for you.

To enable forwarding within MyMail:

Click on the settings cog wheel in the upper right-hand corner


Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Click Add a forwarding address (Under the Forwarding section)

Enter as the new forwarding address. This is a special internal routing address and should not be given out or used other than for forwarding. When the new window opens, click proceed. A confirmation message will be sent to your Exchange mailbox. Click on the link in the confirmation e-mail in Exchange. You may also need to enter the verification code in the Forwarding section and click Verify. Once that is done you can choose one of four options

  • keep Colorado School of Mines Mail’s copy in the inbox
  • mark Colorado School of Mines Mail’s copy as read
  • archive Colorado School of Mines Mail’s copy
  • delete Colorado School of Mines Mail’s copy <– this option is preferred since it doesn’t clutter your MyMail inbox and gives you the ability to read the message in the Trash folder if needed

Once you select an option click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom. Your Exchange mailbox will now receive copies of messages sent to your @MyMail address.

On December 16th your MyMail account will be removed. This includes all e-mail, drive, contacts, calendar, and other information stored within the account.

If you have questions, or need any help please contact the Mines Service center at 303-384-2345. We also have the following KB FAQ articles which may help.

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