Mines Cyber-Security Training Reminder

ITS’ systems send a reminder email for cyber-security training sessions. It will look like the message below:

The below message is valid from Mar 24, 2021 until your training has been completed.


FROM: Colorado School of Mines <do-not-reply@mines.edu
SUBJECT: Mines Cyber-Security Training Reminder

This is a reminder that you have been signed up for security training by the Mines Cyber-Security team. You clicked on a link in a phishing test, so you will need to complete the assigned training at https://training.knowbe4.com/ui/login/amNlhcmRAbWqluZXMuZWjR1.

You may be shy clicking on links after failing a Phishing test and it is our goal to help you identify real versus phishing emails. For example, this email is real and you can tell because:
• It is an internal email
• It is digitally signed by a Mines employee
• If you hover over the link, it shows the correct URL mentioned
• The sender’s email address is a real Mines email address
• You can verify ITS legitimate emails at it.mines.edu/verify
Follow this link, which describes the phishing test and the associated red flags: https://helpcenter.mines.edu/TDClient/1946/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=128794

Phishing is the first step in most major cyber-security attacks. By itself, it can lead to possible financial loss and harassment. It is important to stop phishing for your own protection and to protect the School of Mines. Additional phishing training is required for everyone who clicks on a link in a phishing test. To take the security training, follow this link to the [5/10/15]-minute training course with a corresponding test.

Any additional questions or issues logging into your account, please contact the Security Team at security@mines.edu


Mines Cyber-Security Team
Information and Technology Solutions (ITS)
1600 Jackson Street, Suite 210