What is OrePrint?

OrePrint is the new printing system that ITS has implemented, which provides several key features:

  • Web Printing: From the OrePrint web app, you can submit jobs to OrePrint & OrePrintColor for PDF & common Microsoft Office formats, without needing to map to the print servers — this works well for kiosks, ChromeBooks, and other personal machines.
  • “Follow Me” Printing: With two print queues, OrePrint & OrePrintColor, you are able to print from anywhere to the cloud, and pick up your print outs at any OrePrint release station or OrePrint Mobile Release printer across campus.
  • Print Account Management: Also from the OrePrint web app, you can manage your printing account, including:
    • Check Your Balances — You can see the “OrePrint” balance as well as the Tech Fee balance that is granted every semester ($8 for each Spring and Fall semester)
    • Redeem OrePrint cards to your OrePrint balance
    • Transfer from your OrePrint balance to another user
    • Adding funds online via credit card to your OrePrint balance (Spring 2019)

How do I use OrePrint?

Log into OrePrint with your MultiPass and select Web Print:

Screenshot of OrePrint web interface

How much does OrePrint cost?

OrePrint’s prices as of August 21, 2017 are:

  Color single-sided Monochrome single-sided Color duplex Monochrome duplex
Letter size $0.20/sheet $0.08/sheet $0.10/side $0.04/side



How do I add funds to my OrePrint account?

You can buy OrePrint print cards in the CTLM Computer Commons (CT 156) in $1, $5, $10, and $20 increments.  Or beginning mid-April 2019 you can add funds to your OrePrint account with a credit card. Here are your two options:



Add funds via print card

Once you’ve purchased a print card, here’s how to add it to your account:



Add Funds Via Credit/Debit Card

To add funds to your OrePrint account from any browser using a credit or debit card:

  1. Log in to the OrePrint web application (https://oreprint.mines.edu)
  2. Select “Add credit” from the left menu bar
  3. Use our CashNET storefront to add funds as desired in the usual way.

When complete, the process will send you back to the OrePrint site.

Here’s an overview of adding funds to OrePrint via credit/debit card:

How do I use Web Print?

How do I use Mobile Release?

Mobile Release Instructions

Look for the Mobile Release label on the printer:

Mobile Release QR Label

  1. Scan the QR code with your QR reader of choice – iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. This will take you to a specific site for releasing your print jobs on that printer:
    OrePrint Mobile Release Login Screen
  3. Login with your MultiPass.
  4. Release or cancel all…
    OrePrint Mobile Release All Print Jobs
    or some…
    OrePrint Mobile Release Some Print Jobs
    of your print jobs.


Where is OrePrint?

Full Release Stations:






Mobile Release Only

  • Chemical Engineering Computer Labs (AH430 “Coady” & AH262)
  • CECS Printers through out Brown Building, including CECS Open Computer Lab (BBW270)
  • Metallurgy Computer Lab (HH251)

Future locations of OrePrint: To be determined – if you have a suggestion, please fill out a Mines Help Center request at: http://helpdesk.mines.edu