Part of my executive education included the opportunity to work in Sun Microsystem’s Customer Advocacy organization. This team proactively engaged with customers and reacted when they experienced friction with Sun Microsystems. In essence, we were the internal advocates for customers.

The vice president I reported to was both a strong leader and one of my most influential mentors. He taught me how to treat customers with respect, knowing that each complaint or issue raised was an opportunity to provide better service.

Fast forward to 2024: One of my responsibilities leading IT at Mines is an Ed Tech team, which serves as advocates for our academic customers with software acquisition, deployment, and usage.

However, one thing I noticed is there wasn’t anyone inside of IT doing the same for our business-focused customers. HR and Finance (Workday) are supported by a functional team in the Comptroller’s office, but if you work in Communications, Facilities, Operations, Risk Management, Student Life, or Research, where do you go to engage with IT productively?

With that background, I am announcing the formation of the IT Customer Experience Team. This team will focus on two main areas: Instructional Tech and Business Tech, which will include accessibility and training.

Leading this team is Ethan Crawford, who brings more than two decades of higher education expertise in managing technical services and support to the role. Joining Ethan are Monica Amore (Instructional Technology), Ian Hales (IT Training), Robin Dean (Accessibility), and Rich Tyrell-Ead (Continuing Education Technology).

We have also repurposed an existing FTE and posted a new Business Technologist role, which will focus on engaging with the business community on business technology solutions. This position will also help advocate for customers when there are opportunities for growth or challenges causing frustration.

I’m excited about the opportunity to enhance our IT services by implementing established best practices to continually get better at proactively serving our customers at Mines.

Your input is valued and can be shared directly with me at I want to hear from you! Let’s start a conversation, especially if you need an internal IT advocate.


Andrew, CIO (Chief Information Officer)