Mines Email Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Email services are available to all Mines students, faculty, and staff while they are actively enrolled or employed at Mines.  Services continue during summer breaks and periods that may include study abroad, internships, sabbaticals, or extended leave.  Special arrangements may need to be made during semester, or longer, absences from campus since enrollment or employment records may indicate an inactive status.

ITS recommends that you access your email via the web.

Mines Exchange email for faculty and staff has moved to the Microsoft cloud. Here is how to manage your new email system: https://it.mines.edu/faculty-staff-email-online/


Faculty/Staff Setting and Options for Popular Email Clients

Email client programs like Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook allow you to retrieve your email via your local computer. When someone sends you an email message, the message is received, processed and stored in your mail file on the ITS mail server until you log in and retrieve it.

Note: Mines Exchange supports most modern versions of email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, and Mac Mail. Some older email clients are not supported. The native Mines Exchange email protocol (known as Native Exchange format) is strongly recommended for email clients such as Outlook and Mac Mail that support it. Please contact us if you have questions about your specific email client.

You can access your email:

  • By using Mines Exchange email from any computer, anywhere and with any web browser.
  • By using an email client program like Outlook or Apple Mail which supports the Native Exchange protocol.
  • By using an email client program like Thunderbird which supports the IMAP protocol using OAUTH authentication.  

See instructions for configuring popular email clients.