Community Advisory

The Colorado School of Mines has received queries from several residents in the Denver metro area who have received telephone calls from external parties claiming to be affiliated with the Colorado School of Mines, or who are fraudulently utilizing Mines telephone numbers, and are offering to sell or promote credit cards. Please be advised that these callers are not authorized by or affiliated with Mines. Mines does not sell or promote credit cards, and will not ask for credit card information or similar personal information over the telephone. We recommend that anyone who has received such telephone calls, contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection unit at 800/222-4444, or file a complaint online at this site:


  • Provide the Colorado School of Mines Community with the highest quality voice communication services possible.
  • Inform all campus departments, faculty, staff and students of the latest services and features available.
  • Continue to assist the entire campus community by identifying, understanding and meeting the ever-changing needs placed upon the institutions learning environment.

For telephone and voicemail user guides

Here is a “Quick Click” Guide for Telecommunications Services

Telephone/Voicemail Training

Do you know how to use all the features on your telephone?
Do you know how to use all the features available to you on your Voice Mailbox?
Are you just a bit rusty?

If you would like Telephone or Voicemail System Training open a Telecom Support request  to contact a telecom support representative: Mines Help Center

Telecom Staff

Manager – Data Networking
George Hendricks

Manager – Telecom
Jeff Culligan

Rob Shemel

Cabling Technician
Greg Reshetiloff