Residence Halls – Wired

If your computer is new to the residence hall or Mines Park wired network, or if it is the start of an new semester, you will need to register your computer on the Mines network.
Register my computer.

In general, all wired ethernet jacks in a Residence Hall will be active. However, network jacks are frequently turned off due to a virus infection on the computer that is (or was) connected to that jack. If we have turned off your network jack due to a virus, you should receive an e-mail from us providing more information on how to clean and patch your machine.  If you require assistance cleaning and patching your computer, please send mail to and schedule a time to work with a consultant.

If you require assistance configuring your computer to connect to the Mines network, please locate the instructions for your particular operating system on the following page.
System Settings

If you are trying to connect an Xbox®, PlayStation®, or other device which does not have a web browser, to the Mines ResNet network, please see our Console Registration Information page.