ITS Instructional Technologies Team

The Instructional Technologies Team builds or maintains the following campus-wide resources:

  • instructional computer labs running Linux or Windows operating system
  • computer podiums
  • audio-visual resources, including LCD projectors, overhead projectors, and teleconferencing

The Lab Team does not generally support:

  • research computer labs
  • portable sound systems

Computer Labs and Current Lab Software

See software and labs available in the Center for Technology and Learning Media (CTLM) building. Or explore all campus computer labs.

Deadlines for Lab-Build Changes

The Lab Team will update software (and sometimes hardware) in specific labs once each semester. (The software configuration to be applied is known as a “build.”) Requests for new or updated software must be submitted by a specific deadline in the previous semester. Here are those deadlines:

  • For Summer semester builds – 21 days prior to Spring Commencement
  • For Fall semester builds – 14 days after Spring Commencement
  • For Spring semester builds – 21 days prior to Fall Commencement

Commencement dates may be found in the official Mines Academic Calendar:

Requests made as early as possible via Mines Help Center are very much appreciated. After the deadline, changes may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis if possible; however, this may not always be possible. Much testing goes into each lab build to insure software compatibility, so we take a cautious approach to late software additions. Staffing and timing issues may also influence whether a late software addition is possible.