Guidance on Using Non-Standard Teaching Tools

Mines is prepared to support Zoom and Canvas as the primary tools for moving courses to remote delivery. We strongly encourage instructors to consider these tools first before exploring other options, for several reasons: 

  • Reduce student stress – using a consistent set of tools and services across all courses helps students focus more on the course learning objectives and less on the technology 
  • Ensure continuous access and support – centralized solutions ensure Mines ITS can resolve access issues and provide support even if the instructor becomes unavailable to teach 
  • Accessibility – Disability Support Services, Trefny, ITS and others have worked together to proactively address accessibility concerns for supported tools and continue to remediate specific accommodations for our Mines community 
  • FERPA – using outside resources may violate FERPA 
  • Accreditation – accrediting agencies also consider the technology platforms being used to ensure quality online instruction 
  • Reduce stress on support staff – centralized solutions make it easier for ITS to help you and your students!