IT Accounts

Computing accounts are available to all Mines students, faculty, and staff while they are actively enrolled or employed at the university. These services continue during summer breaks and over other periods that may include normal school holidays, study abroad, internships, sabbaticals or extended leave. Special arrangements may need to be made during semester or longer absences from campus, or any time official records may indicate inactive employment or academic status.

Mines Account Activation

To begin, all new Mines students, faculty, and staff should activate your Mines account (see the  MyMines Self Help User Guide). This can be done in one process using the directions issued to you on or before your arrival at Mines. (If you have lost, or never received, such information, please contact Information Technology (IT) via the Mines Help Center ( and we’ll sort things out for you.)

For account, password, or access issues, please submit an access request ticket.


Computing Accounts for Active Members of the Mines Community

  • MyMines ( is the campus single sign-on (SSO) portal, from there you can click on tiles to log in to many services on campus.
  • Many Linux servers on campus, such as Imagine, pvm-illuminate, Faraday (Voodoo) and Fermat, can be accessed by authorized users with Mines login credentials. Isengard provides access to general Linux system resources like shells, compilers, and applications.
  • The campuswide Windows domain, ADIT, is also accessed via SSO. This login is used for Windows computers in classrooms and labs, and for desktop machines around campus and in most departments.
  • Trailhead is the campus e-portal. You will log in via MyMines for access to employment information, class schedules, and much more.
  • Canvas is an e-learning system available to faculty, staff and registered students who have active Mines email accounts. Instructors may expect and require access to course material online via Canvas. Get started at

Account Management Tips

  • Keep passwords and other account credentials private.