Software Available at Mines

The Colorado School of Mines has access to many software titles. That software is available to the Mines community in accordance with the license agreement for each package. The ITS Software Index was created to organize and catalog software and license information. (It is also available as a Knowledge Base article, if you prefer a spreadsheet-like format.) Click on a link below to see available programs.

Available Software: A to Z

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Much of this software is found in open computer labs around campus. For specific availablility see the ITS labs software web page. Individual academic departments, research centers, and institutes may also maintain labs with specialized software for use by people associated with that department or center.

Need Help? Want a getting started tutorial? Need to learn some advanced techniques? Many vendors provide online training. See our online training summary for more information.


Download Microsoft Software

Departmental agreements with the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program (most recently the Microsoft Imagine Premium program and formerly Microsoft Dreamspark and before that the Microsoft Developer’s Network Academic Alliance — MSDNAA), allow eligible students and faculty to download select Microsoft software including Windows (but not Microsoft Office) at no charge. To learn how to access the software list and download your desired product, visit our Azure Dev Tools for Teaching knowledge base article.

A different program allows Mines students, faculty, and staff to set up an Office 365 online account and download Microsoft Office Pro Plus for personal use on up to five different devices. (Rules about purchasing Office for school-owned computers still apply). Visit our Microsoft Office 365 page for details.


Software Downloads

A small number of other software programs, including Matlab, SolidWorks, Mathematica and MathCAD have been licensed by ITS and are available for download at no cost to Mines faculty, staff, and students. Visit their individual information pages by following the index links above for instructions on downloading and installing.

If you would like to shop for additional personal software, check online educational resellers like Barnes and Noble College (associated with the Mines Bookstore) or JourneyEd.


Software Notes

Licensing restrictions vary by product.  One typical restriction is that the licensed software only be installed on a Mines-owned, campus-located machine for use by the Mines community in support of instruction; under such a license the software would not be available for installation on personally owned machines, off campus machines or in support of commercial activities or funded research. Some licenses are more liberal; our antivirus software is available, without charge, to faculty, staff and students for home use and on personally owned machines.  Some licenses are more restrictive or may have a cost to the end-user attached to them. Check the ITS Software Licensing document for a more detailed explanation of licensing services, scopes and types. The summaries presented are intended to be a concise outline of our understanding of the major points of our licenses, but do not override any legal documents that are in place.

ITS manages many dozens of different software products and we are updating the Index as quickly as we can.  If the specific product that you are interested in is not yet licensed, please let us know via the Mines Help Center. We may be able to add that software to future lab configurations.

Software News

  • ArcGIS Virtual Campus Is available for free to campus.
  • LabVIEW is now available for use on personal computers.
  • Matlab is now available free to the Mines community, courtesy of Tech Fee.
  • Microsoft Office 365
    Available free to all Mines faculty, staff, and students, courtesy of Tech Fee.
  • Minitab Quality Trainer is now avalable to all users.
  • NAG
    The license has been updated so that only Fortran Builder is now available.
  • SAS e-Learning is available to all users.
  • Wolfram Mathematica:
    Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager 9.0.1 is now available.