Software Training Online

Many Mines applications offer online Training and Tutorials.

ArcGIS: Training can be found in the training section of the ArcGIS website. Mines has free access to all courses listed as available under maintenance. For information regarding this access please submit a Mines Help Center request.

AutoCAD:  Training is available in the learning section of the Autodesk website.

LabVIEW: Free online video tutorials and self-paced, on-demand training modules are at Direct phone and email support from NI Application Engineers at

MATLAB: Free MATLAB training available from the Mines MATLAB Portal.

Mathematica: Tutorials are available at the Wolfram U website. You can also reach many more options from the Support & Learning tab from the Mines Wolfram User Portal for Students or the Mines Wolfram User Portal for Faculty and Staff

Microsoft Office and Office 365: After logging into with your Mines credentials, click the ? in the top right corner and then select Help.

Minitab: Quality Trainer by Minitab is available to the Mines community. Obtain the Subscription Key from the Mines Software Download site and then proceed to to self-subscribe. If you want to organize your users into groups, it is advisable to setup your groups before you self-subscribe. Please request Group setup via the Mines Help Center.

SAS: Our license includes SAS training. To gain access to our SAS training product, follow the authentication instructions located at You will need our SAS Tech Support Site Number in order to complete the registration for e-Learning. You can find our SAS Tech Support Number on the Mines Software Download site.

SolidWorks: Extensive tutorials are available at SolidWorks Tutorials.