Technology Support Services

Part of Service Delivery in ITS, the Technology Support Services group provides computing support services to academic and administrative departments, faculty, staff and students. These services include helping you buy, repair, or replace computing equipment, as well as give you support for commonly used business applications. Office visits and advanced support for desktop and workstation computers, peripherals and some services are provided by our full-time technical specialists.



How to Request Support

The best way is to visit the MSC or fill out a Mines Help Center service request form. On campus you can enter just “helpdesk” into your browser to get to the same place. Please fill out this form completely including error messages, location, history, etc.

During busy times, work is prioritized in such a manner as to minimize overall wait times.

Remote Support

If you are working with one of our support professionals remotely, you may be asked to download one of these remote maintenance host applications. Once installed, our support professional will join your active session and provide support in the most efficient way possible. You will see what they are doing and should be in telephone contact while this activity is in progress.



What computer am I on?


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Technology Support Team
  • Jay Brake
  • Dan Kearney
  • Skip Miller
  • Terrill Reed
  • Jane Shiao