As mentioned in the Workday update sent on Friday, a long-term multi-source data warehouse solution is underway.

Recently, Mines signed a contract for Edify, our first comprehensive data warehouse and analytics solution. Edify is designed for higher education and is cloud-based for easy, secure access.

Starting now and continuing through the next year, an increasing amount of data will flow into the warehouse, allowing Mines to analyze and synthesize data from many sources more efficiently. This capability will help inform our decision-making and understanding of our business of education. 

Graphic defining the inputs to Edify - Banner HR/Finance/Student, Workday HR/Finance, Banner Cloud Data. Some future inputs include Canvas, Slate, and Degreeworks. Output from the data warehouse is through Tableau to create reports, dashboards, and insights.

Edify’s built-in reporting/analytics tool and Tableau provide us with dashboards and workbooks specific to departments for all levels of our organization. These tools will replace Cognos for critical reporting.


Edify will help us implement data management best-practice rules and validations to ensure a single source of truth and will provide a foundation for our continued development of a university-wide data strategy.


Moving to Edify requires Mines to implement an updated data governance model. Edify’s data governance capabilities include tools to help keep our data organized, safe, and accurate through a data dictionary, data lineage, permissions management, and data processing logs/monitoring.


Data from current systems is moving into Edify now, with access available in early 2024.

  • Banner HR/Finance pre-Workday (November 2023-January 2024)
  • Workday HR/Finance (January-February 2024)
  • Banner SIS on-premise (January-February 2024)
  • Banner SIS cloud (June 2024)
  • Canvas (TBD)
  • Slate (TBD)
 IT will implement additional data feeds in FY2025 based on campus needs.   

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Andrew, CIO (Chief Information Officer)